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Sheena West
The Affordable Partnership are proud to state that Sheena West trains all of our racehorses. She has an excellent track record and and wants to continue this by nurturing and producing successful racehorses.   

Sheena's record with the Affordable Partnership is fantastic. She has trained 58 horses that have ended up in the winners enclosure. This includes 18 firsts, 14 seconds, 16 thirds and 10 fourths. Sheena and the Affordable Partnership are confident that the numbers of horses in the winners enclosure will continue to flourish.


Sheena has always been involved with horses throughout her life thanks to her up-bringing living on a farm. When she was younger, Sheena always had ponies, then as she got older she progressed to riding in point-2-points, following in her father's footsteps. Gerald, Sheena's father, was a talented point to point rider and show jumper.

Sheena began her career initially training and competing as a point to point rider before taking out her full trainers licence in 2001. From there, she has honed her skills over the years and gained success from moderately priced bloodstock.

Balmer Farm,
Brighton Road, 
East Sussex


At Sheena's stables the horses have access to 1,000 acres of hills and gallops. This includes several grass gallops. The stable is an excellent location to prepare horses of all disciplines. 

The yard has a 6 stall horsewalker, starting stalls and schooling facilities.  It is a relatively small yard but the size and location means that the horses receive a lot of high quality attention that allows them to reach their full potential. 

If you would like to find out more about our trainer you can click the link below. All her details can be found on her website. 



"Our Trainer Sheena West has an abundance of knowledge about Racehorses. I strongly believe this stems from her upbringing. She puts her experience to good use in training our horses and this has resulted in us enjoying the pleasures of the winning enclosure. Sheena is extremely sympathetic to the horses under her control and I've loved spending time at her stables. 



"We have been with the Partnership for a couple of years and already have visited the winners enclosure on a number of occasions. We regularly visit the stables and Sheena is always pleased to see you, answering any questions you may have. She is a pleasure to go racing with and is guaranteed to make you smile.



"We have been owners with The Affordable Partnership for several years and had shares in most of their horses.  We have had numerous great days and successes both on the flat and over jumps. Sheena is an excellent trainer, who is ambitious. Sheena places our horses in races where they have best chances of winning.


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